Does LSD Stay in Your Spine?

Does LSD stay in your spine? This is just one of the many myths and misconceptions associated with LSD use. While LSD is a strong psychedelic, it is important to know the real facts about LSD instead of wondering questions like, does LSD stay in your spine?


The reason many people wonder, does LSD stay in your spine is because LSD is known for causing previous users to have acid flashbacks or trips even months or sometimes years after doing the drug. The misconception is that once you do LSD, or do enough LSD, that it stays in your system, particularly your spine and affects your nervous system all the way up through your spine toward your brain. However, LSD does not stay in your spine despite some lingering effects from the illegal substance. Keep reading to learn the truth about LSD staying in your spine and what the real effects of LSD use can be for its users. 

The Truth About LSD:

LSD stands for Lysergic Acid Diethylamide. Essentially this drug is an acid and is known for the psychological effects that it causes on the central nervous system. These effects are what causes the "trip" that the drug users experience and enjoy when doing the drug. However, there are many negative repercussions and dangerous aspects of doing LSD. While LSD does not stay in the system, or in your spine as the myth indicates, the LSD still causes long-term neurological damage over a certain period of time. This is what causes the drug users to have episodes or trips later on, even months or years later. The danger occurs when you are in a certain situation where it would be dangerous to trip, like driving, walking, caring for a baby/child, eating, etc. The trip can cause you to black out and even have a seizure. This can be extremely dangerous especially if you are driving and get into a car accident. 

Other effects of LSD include reduced appetite, nausea, elevated blood sugar, sleeplessness, saliva/mucus production, jaw clenching, increased heart rate, goose bumps. hyperflexia, tremors and more. These are just the physical effects of LSD. The psychological effects of LSD also can vary from person to person. Many factors might go into this including age, strength of dosage, predisposition, moods, other mental illness, weight, environment and state of mind. The long-term effects of LSD use can be devastating for some users, even if the drug has only been used at one time. 

LSD is taken usually orally and spreads through the central nervous system, which is why many believe that LSD might stay in your spine for a prolonged time after use, even though this is not true. Sensory changes can also occur as a result of LSD drug use and can ultimately alter your sense, emotions, memories, time perception and awareness permanently. This is something that can affect you for the worse for the rest of your life. Other psychological effects are also long term like personality change, altered senses, negative reactions, ill-perceived mental state and more. LSD has been known to cause the user to react really poorly to the drug, which is called a "bad trip." When this happens, paranoia might set in or even major depression. Users have been known to become violent while on the drug and have even killed others or themselves. This is why it is especially dangerous to do the drug if you are already upset, angry, depressed, etc. because it can cause a bad reaction for the user. If the user is not in a comfortable mind set to begin with, it can be really dangerous. Under the influence of LSD, the user might also not realize where they are, and might  walk where they shouldn't like through busy traffic, or might get into a car with the intention of driving. Losing such control can be extremely dangerous.

The long-term effects of LSD can cause these same problems and symptoms to occur even when the drug is out of a person's system due to the permanent change that has taken place on the central nervous system. This way of thinking is why the misconception that LSD stays in your spine, which is not true. Learning more about how LSD works and the true effects they can have on a person is very important and should be taken into consideration before using the drug. 


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