What is LSD?

What is LSD? Read on to learn about the effects of LSD drug use, how LSD can be taken, and what some of the street names are for LSD. Even though LSD is illegal in the United States it is still produced in small amounts and used for research.


What is LSD?

Lysergic acid diethylamide, known as LSD, is one of the most powerful hallucinogens out there. It is a drug of extreme unpredictability, and is banned for use in the United States, even though it was once used as a psychiatric drug, and has been used in secret government tests. It is still produced for research, in small amounts, and some people use it as part of meditation.

What is LSD used for?

LSD was first made in 1938. The scientist that made it did so using ergot. Ergot is a fungus that grows on grains, especially rye. The LSD was synthesized and then self-tested. Originally, it was thought that the drug could be used to help with circulation. However, once it became obvious that LSD affected mood and produced psychological effects, it was marketed as a psychiatric and therapeutic drug. It’s main potential was thought to help schizophrenia.

Taking LSD

LSD is most often taken in tablet form. It can also be found on blotter paper or in thin gelatin form. LSD can be liquid as well. LSD has no color, and it does not smell. This makes it hard to detect. It does, however, have a bitter taste. Putting the LSD in sugar cubes or gelatin can help mask the taste of the LSD. LSD can be absorbed through the skin, taken orally, injected or even taken through the eyes (usually gelatin or liquid must be used for this).

Effects of LSD drug use

When asking what is LSD, many peolpe want to know about the effects. LSD produces very intense effects, allowing users to “see sounds” and “hear colors.” Sometimes the intense hallucinations and delusions can be scary to users, inducing panic and extreme fear. The effects of LSD can usually be felt about 20 minutes after taking the drug. LSD can have very pleasant effects, distorting perception and changing how the user views time. The time spent under the influence of LSD, seeing “fantastical images” and feeling strange feelings is known as a "trip".

It is important to note, however, that LSD doesn’t always produce pleasant effects. The intense effects can also be scary and unpleasant. A person’s state of mind and mood can affect how the drug use manifests. Sometimes the things seen while under the influence of LSD can cause feelings of trauma.

Even years after only one use, it is possible to have flashbacks. What is an LSD flashback? These flashbacks occur when an LSD user experiences some of the aspects of his or her LSD trip, even if the drug is not present. Flashbacks are more likely, though, if one has abused LSD multiple times. Flashbacks can be pleasing, or they can be scary. Those that experience flashbacks sometimes need help to overcome the psychological effects of LSD, even years later.

What are LSD street names?

Like all drugs, LSD has street names that make it sound innocuous. The idea is to keep others from knowing what a person is really doing. Some of the LSD street names include:

  • Acid (one of the most common, and where the term “acid trip” comes from)
  • Microdots
  • Blotter
  • Window panes
  • Bart Simpson
  • Bartman
  • Dose
  • Pyramid
  • Fry
  • Lucy
  • Paper mushrooms
  • Hawk
  • L
  • Lightning (also, white lightning)
  • Flash
  • Gelatin chips
  • Gel
  • Blaze
  • Tab
  • Superman
  • Stars
  • Tripper
  • Purple haze
  • Rainbows
  • Smilies
  • Paper
  • Cheer
  • Dots
  • Drop
  • Acid freak is sometimes used in reference to someone who uses LSD

It is important to realize that even though LSD is not considered addictive, its powerful effects can still be dangerous. The fact that a user of LSD has an altered perception can mean that he or she may exhibit erratic behavior, as well as engage in dangerous stunts or risky behavior without realizing fully what is going on.

LSD can be very dangerous, and the unpredictable effects of “acid” should be enough to discourage those concerned with their well-being to avoid it.

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